The Gong Show 1977


The Gong Show for amateur talent in 1977 introduced a new side of Paul Reubens. He was on this show 55 times I believe. That number is a guess not a fact. One episode he did a skit called “Betty & Eddie”  with Charlotte McGinnis this episode was aired in 1977 and the couple won!. He also did a skit called “Suave & Debonair” With John Paragon.


Paul Reubens 1982-1987

Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre made in 1982-1987 has 26 amazing told stories including Pinocchio staring Paul Reubens.

Paul is Pinocchio as the puppet and the real boy creating the magic from scene one. You can now own this remastered DVD here is the link

This is the complete collection if you are a fan of Paul Reubens this is a must have because it is from the beginning of a wonderful career.


My log about Paul Reubens

I created this log to share with everyone my thoughts, news, photos, biography and life of Paul Reubens.  He is my all time favorite actor and he is a inspiration to millions of children and adults all around the world. Please checkout my log as I create it.